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Helpful Instructions for Viewing the Demo


As you view the Demo, it is important to remember that it is a scaled down version of our services. CDS builds complete, on-line, grant and loan management systems that have the look and feel of your paper system AND meet your needs. There are buttons near the top of the page including Public Services, Single Family and Multifamily programs and projects as well as various features including a CDBG spreadsheet, IDIS submission and compliance/inspection features for both public services and housing projects.

The demonstration page defaults on the "Public Service" side where you will see a list of the programs managed by the CDBG Manager of our hypothetical city, Springfield. Click on the "Bricksnmortar" program listed on the left, it will open up to the program's "Contract" page. There are buttons for "Administration" information and "Report" information. You can click on these to view each page. The "Report" page has samples of the types of reports we have built for some of our clients. You can put information in the various fields and play with it a bit. On the program management page on the top right side, you can link to Excel spreadsheets that contain program information and "Board Evaluations" as well as a "CDBG" report. Again, these are simplified examples of some of the data management CDS assists with.

Our systems are not "canned", we take the forms and reports you already use (applications, application assessments, periodic reports, contracts, requests for reimbursement, compliance, and monitoring) and build electronic versions of them. Forms on our system come up pre-populated with program information, reducing the amount of time spent entering duplicate information. As sub-recipients enter their data, percentages and totals are calculated through the program, eliminating math errors and forcing reports to be filled out "correctly".

Once we have data collected, through various forms, (applications, contract documents or quarterly reports), and uploaded documents, we can produce any type of summary or compilation report that you need in Excel or any format you use. In Public Services, approved reports queue and data for federally funded programs/projects are reported directly to IDIS on any schedule that you prefer. At the end of the year CDS's system can also assist with the CAPER.

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