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Building Strong Communities


The founders of City Data Services have deep commitments to strong communities - we believe that our towns, cities and counties are the foundation of our country; if we have strong, vibrant communities it serves everyone. We work with you to make the warp and weft – the fabric of your community stronger by providing data management tools that streamline management and generate time for the rest of your work. Through our service to you and your grantees, we endeavor to make the world stronger, smarter and happier.


WE Answer Our Own Phones!


We also believe it is important to use the public dollar prudently. Our systems are complete and do the heavy lifting at a reasonable cost; we strive to give you value and back it up with excellent customer services. CDS has been providing web-based grant and loan management systems to communities since 2008.


City Data Services, LLC, is in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide services throughout California. Recently, we have begun working in the Northwest.
We bring a western, can-do sensibility to our work, we do not out-source our work to anyone; our clients and associated grantees work directly with us. We really want to make it easy for you to manage your work!

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