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City Data Services has diverse experience in the private and public sectors including affordable single and multi-family housing, compliance and monitoring, client intake and inventory. We meet with clients (at no cost) and develop strategies that integrates your existing systems with cloud solutions.




Our goal is to design and build the best system possible to meet your needs. To build intuitive, robust, customer relations management systems, you must start with a great vision. Our vision includes recognizing the importance of efficiency and accuracy that generates time and money for you to effectively organize and manage your business. Your business success is our success too!




To that end, we take our diverse experience from the private and public sectors including retail, social services, inventory, client intake, affordable single/multi-family housing, complex compliance/monitoring, etc. and bring it to your tool box of best practices. We strive to get it right for you and your clients. Our systems demonstrate our expertise and our track record attests our systems are second to none.




At CDS, communication is king. To start, we meet with you (at no cost) as many times as it takes to understand your needs and develop a strategy that integrates your existing systems with new cloud solutions. Unlike our competitors, we understand your resources are better spent on your clients and not expensive systems. We provide our customers and their clients access to us and a rapid response to your needs under one level of service - that with the highest priority!

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