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Single Family Management Solutions


Designed to save Managers’ Time


City Data Services’ Single-Family systems are designed to return managers back to managing, instead of spending most of their time entering data. First time homebuyer, residential rehabilitation programs, and inclusionary housing are all part of our Single Family systems.


From environmental impact reports all the way through to loan management, compliance financial transactions, our customized software makes managing residential rehabilitation projects truly manageable.


What geographic areas do you serve?


City Data Services works remotely and serves cities and counties throughout the United States.


If you are spending days issuing FTHB affidavits, City Data Services’ system can complete certificates of occupancy for email or snail mail within minutes. Imagine how much time you will save with an automated waitlist for inclusionary housing! We do that too 😉


Our systems make it easy to perform tasks such as deferred loan accounting, payoff information, and complete portfolio management. Due to the systems’ user-friendly design and efficient workflow, City Data Services saves you 30% of your time – that’s half of Thursday and all of Friday!

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