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Date: March 1, 2019

About City Data Services, (CDS):

CDS, LLC. is a California company.

The term "CDS" refers to the following:

  • CDS website accessible through the URL
  • Any successor URLs, mobile or localized versions and related domains and subdomains.

The terms "You", "Your", "User" or "Users", refers to either individuals or organizations registering their credentials to use CDS for any legal purposes.

The terms "Visitor" or "Visitors", refers to either individuals or organizations that access CDS website anonymously without logging in or purchasing a subscription on CDS.

We value privacy and protect our user information and transparency. Any agency mentioned on our website has given us permission through a clear and open request.

CDS Cookie Policy


CDS Cookie Policy applies to all CDS websites operated by CDS, LLC. The CDS Cookie Policy is to help Users feel comfortable about CDS and understand the limited circumstances under which CDS uses cookies.

Questions on CDS's Cookie Policy:

If you have a question on CDS Cookie Policy, please email us at or send a written letter to: CDS, LLC, 218 Shaw Road,Suite 15, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA.

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a commonly used automated data collection tool. It is a small text file that is placed on User's computer or device, by websites that a User visits.

Why Do Most Websites Use Cookies?

Websites use Cookies in order to make most websites work, or work more efficiently.

Please note that certain areas of most websites can only be accessed by having the Cookies enabled.

Disabling Cookies may prevent Users from accessing content and enjoying all the features available on most websites.

Does CDS Use Cookies on its Websites?

Yes. CDS uses Cookies on its Websites.

All Cookies used in CDS have an expiry date. Expiration dates on Cookies used in CDS are set in the Cookies themselves.

What are the Cookie Data Collected and Processed by CDS?

The CDS website DOES NOT collect personal information or cookies from your computer. The CDS system DOES create a small number of cookies on your computer, and uses that information solely to maintain your login authorization and to facilitate the navigation process on CDS. If you have cookies disabled, you will not be able to log in to the website.

Can Users Opt-Out of having their Cookie Data collected?

Not if they wish to log in to the website.

Can Users View Cookie Data collected by CDS?

Yes. User may email CDS at, to view Cookie Data collected by CDS.

How does an CDS User Get to Manage Cookies?

Users may restrict, block or remove Cookies, through their computer’s web browser settings. However, if a Cookie blocking setting is activated on a User computer's web browser, they may not be able to access certain parts of CDS Website or use certain features of CDS website. "Help" function within a User computer's web browser may guide them in managing Cookies. User may also visit for more information on how to restrict or manage Cookies across a variety of web browsers. For more information on Cookies on mobile browsers, please refer to mobile device help/manual.

How does CDS use User Cookie Data?

CDS uses Cookie Data to recognize and remember the following:

Date and time you logged in to CDS website, and pages you choose to navigate to

Does CDS share User Cookie Data with any 3rd Party?

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES does CDS collect personal cookie information, or EVER share that information with any 3rd Party.

Do Not Track:

User's Web browser may have a "Do Not Track" setting which, when enabled, causes the User's browser to send a do not track HTTP header file or "signal" to each website User's visit. At present, CDS does not respond to "Do Not Track".

Changes to CDS Cookie Policy:

CDS reserves the right to change CDS Cookie Policy with notification on this page.

If and when the changes are made, the "Last Edited" date on this page will reflect the same.

If and when the changes are made, Users will be notified, on this page, by email or through notice on other relevant pages within CDS.

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